DC March May 18th, 2021

Start time 2021-05-18 10:00
Finished Time 2021-05-18 16:00
Address 3rd street Washington DC

The vision of this movement is three-fold:
1. In the short-term, organize a march inside the capital of the world to denounce the daily violence happening in Haiti which has gone unnoticed by the world media and cohorts, and identify the culprits and demand a return to Law and Order in Haiti immediately.

2. In the mid-term, demand that the Haitian diaspora (as one voice, one people), be part of any or all decisions relating to matters of Haiti, and become the driving forces behind the changes to occur in Haiti.

3. In the long-term, elevate Haiti, elevate every single Haitian, and develop a 25-year plan to put Haiti back on track and become the voice of Haiti eternally, under one umbrella chartered in all 50 States and abroad.

On May 18th, 2021, the entire world was watching us. So many people stopped to listen to us and our speeches. They understand it and took it as a very clear message that the Haitian Diaspora is agreeing on one simple and powerful message: Enough! It is Enough! If the message got straight to its designators it is because of you. So this march is a success just because of you!

To all of you who came from across the US, Haiti, Canada, France, and among others, we – as the members of the organizational committee – are thanking you for making it a historical day! This is all your success for supporting our movement, our cause, and our only one boss: Haiti!

We are going to take soon some new steps and guarantee you that you will be informed of them. We are also going to publish soon a transparent report about how our committee manages all the pennies you contributed to this big event.
​On my name, Sabine Philippe, and on the behalf of the others, like Astrel Jean Gary, Ernst Vilsaint, and Marie Yvrose Celestin among others, we are saying


Thank you for making it historical!

Be blessed and may Haiti wins!

Sabine Philippe
For the committee