Get to Know LHADAN

Get to Know LHADAN

LHADAN, which stands for: League of Haitian American Diaspora Alliance Network), is a social and political activism entity composed of 79 organizations to date. We were incorporated in Maryland on July 3, 2021. Our EIN # is: 87-1489503. After our organizations spearheaded two successful marches, one in Washington, DC, in front of the White House on May 18, 2021, and the other one in New York City, in front of the United Nations on June 18, 2021, both of them lead by VOIHLA (Voice of Haitians Living Abroad) and HaitiBrigade, which rallied several other organizations, we formed LHADAN together to become one voice for the Diaspora.
We Will Make History Together
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We Will Make History Together

LHADAN’s goal is to become an umbrella organization which represents ONE voice for all Haitians in the Diaspora, advance and defend the interests of Haiti, and be the liaison between Haiti and the international community for matters related to Haiti’s affairs. The ultimate objective is to see all Haitians have better living conditions and social justice.


LHADAN is also present in Haiti through grassroots organizations throughout all 10 departments.

To promote transparency, competence, honesty, and credibility in the governance of Haiti, as well as the civic and political integration of the Diaspora in the country’s internal affairs.

To elevate the living conditions of all Haitians through social justice and the reinforcement of all governing institutions of the Haitian State, as well as, engage in development projects such as agriculture, job creation, public housing, education, environmental management, to name a few.

LHADAN is fighting for social inclusion, justice, as well as economic and political stability in Haiti to rebuild the Nation well once for all.

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